Going Out On A Diet

You Don’t Have To Eat It All

Contrary to what you were told when you were growing up, you don’t have to eat all your food. I know, I know… when you were a kid, your parents would tell you that you had to eat all your food before you could do/have such and such. Well the times have now changed. Instead of the healthy homemade home grown meals that used to be the norm amongst American households, we have now been bombarded with overly processed foods that are high in calories and depleted in nutrients. So the point here is if you are eating a meal and you are starting to feel full… then simply stop eating.

When it comes to weight loss it is so important to listen to your body. Your body knows even better than you do what it needs. There is a reason why you crave certain foods that you crave. Your body needs those nutrients found in those foods so it makes you hungry for them. Once your body gets the nutrients it was lacking, it triggers your brain to tell you that you are full. So if you keep eating at that point, you are just adding more calories to your diet, which in turn causes you to gain more weight.

This rule is especially true whenever you eat out. In fact the rule change from you don’t to eat it all to you are not allowed to eat it all, when referring to eating out. It is helpful to just order a regular portion and make it a habit to use a take home bag. This way you have another meal for later. Also when eating out, just avoid buffet style dining at all costs. It is too easy to over eat in these settings.

If your like me then there is probably a little voice inside that tries to do a cost analysis on the foods… literally. Here’s my suggestion. My voice tries to argue how much money each portion that I don’t eat will cost me and therefore it has a certain value in my mind. But what you want to do at this point is to ask yourself about the negative value of choosing to overeat. Say for instance that you are talking about a cheeseburger and fries that cost 10$ and you are starting to feel full at the half way point… easy solution: get a to-go box and take it home for your next meal. But lets say its the same scenario only this time you start to get full about three fourths the way into the burger. A quarter of the burger is not worth taking home, so you have to ask yourself the value of eating it there or throwing it away. One quarter of a burger at ten dollars is 2.50$ that you would have thrown out the window by not keeping the last quarter. In our slowed economy every penny counts. So now ask yourself what it will cost you to consume the last quarter of your burger? It will add about four to fiver hundred more calories to you. Which is a quarter a pound of fat added to your weight. Remember how hard it is to lose weight? And how expensive some programs are? So the question you really must ask yourself is: is it worth 2.50$ to lose a quarter of a pound of weight right there? Or would you rather just gain a quarter a pound. See once you ask yourself this question and look at the scenario from a new perspective it makes it easier to make the right choice.

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About the Author

I studied at Oregon State University and served in the Army for 6 years, both as an enlisted member and an officer. I now dedicate my time to researching nutrition and especially its affects in weight loss.