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8 Tips to Maximize Weight Loss

Most people, when they’re trying to lose a lot of weight quickly, start to starve themselves. The logic is that it is the opposite of the overeating that got you fat in the first place, but starving will never help you reach your fat loss goals.

Avoid processed food, or at least food where you can’t pronounce the ingredients. Keep it as natural as possible.

Another tip for weight loss fast is to eat more fiber rich foods. Fiber helps you in a variety of ways. Fiber rich foods help the body digest food more efficiently. You will find that this includes foods like nuts, fruits, whole grains and veggies. When you eat these nutritious foods, you will also have less room for junk and high calorie foods such as low quality carbohydrates. Fiber has other benefits, too, such as helping you fend off certain diseases so make sure you eat as much of it as possible. Your weight will come off fast and you will also find that your life is lengthened.

Avoid skipping meals. Eating increases your matabolism, thus skipping meals can ‘trick’ your body into slowing down its metabolism in an attempt to conserve calories during a period it perceives as a situation where limited fuel is available.

No matter how much you want a change in your life, nothing will happen until you DO something. You can talk about starting an exercise regiment and eating healthier foods all you want, but nothing will change until you START DOING IT. Beans of many varieties like Lima beans, white beans and kidney beans are a good source of protein and burn up a good amount of more calories.

Stuffing vegetables such as capsicum and zucchini with tasty fillings of mince chicken, meat or tuna are easy to do and very healthy and low fat.

Eat more often. Move away from the three meals a day and start eating five to six smaller meals a day. This can help you to keep your metabolism high and help you to lose weight. I know I personally am not big on working out. It takes time and feels like a hassle. If you, too, find it hard to work out, try taking a relaxing walk instead. Don’t think of it as working out. Think of it as an enjoyable activity. You can enjoy the outdoors, take your canine friend for a walk, or put on your headphones and listen to some music while enjoying the scenery. Even a quick trip around the block every day will bring you a little closer to better health.

Do not forget to eat protein. Eating protein will keep your metabolism high and allow muscle recovery to be much quicker. Choose lean proteins to help you make the most out of this food. By pumping iron, I don’t mean that you have to go to the gym and bench press or dead lift a large amount of weight. Go to your local department store and pick up an inexpensive pair of 3, 5, or 8 pound hand weights. These small weights are a great way to build some muscle mass without putting too much effort in to it. Look at fitness magazines, do a Google search, or check out a book from the library on weight lifting if you’re not sure how to do a proper bicep curl or squat. Just five minutes and a few reps each day will help you to build a little extra lean mass. That muscle, in turn, will rev up your metabolism.

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Slow Carb Diet – Does It Work?

So does the Slow Carb Diet work?

This is the question but to answer this we need to look at what actually is the Slow Carb Diet and what it contains.

The Premise seems to be based on the Atkins diet of very high protein and a small amount of greens. The major difference is the focus. The Focus of the Atkins Diet seems to be based on Ketosis and your body dropping weight that way.

The Slow Carb Diet on the other hand is based around lowering insulin spikes that would trigger off energy to be stored as fat. The they are talking about Slow Carb it is Carbohydrates that are low in the Glycemic Index.

Foods include Brocolli, Cauliflower, Spinach, Collard Greens and of course lots of Protein Rich Foods like Chicken, Eggs, Beef, Pork, etc….

This diet has recently become famous because of writers like Tim Ferris’ New Book the 4 Hour Body which is based on 5 simple rules.

1. Avoid White Carbs – Like Bread, Wheat, Potato and Rice

2. Eat Similar Meals Over and Over again – This helps you stick to the diet

3. Don’t Eat Fruit – Fruit is high in sugar and is not a must have for a diet. Fructose can be a killer.

4. Don’t Drink Calories – Stick to Water with Lemon, Tea’s, and Black Coffee. If you must Diet Soda is next best.

5. Have a Day Off – Pick 1 day a week(usually weigh in day) where you can eat what ever you want. This helps you stay on track.

This is the base of the Slow Carb Diet. Simple and effective.

Now you know what its about. The question is does it work?

I personally am testing this diet out at the moment with results available on my blog The Healthy Monk.

I have found in my first few weeks of testing I have lost 15.4 Pounds Total in 2 weeks. So I am happy with the results. I do realize that the first few weeks on any Diet (Slow Carb or not) you lose the most weight at the start.

But the biggest change I have felt is in body composition. This could be from a couple of things as I gave up smoking a month ago. But also from all the protein helping to re build my body and cells. The Lack of Sugar helps I’m sure.

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So in my books the Slow Carb Diet
is a go. I really suggest you think about trying it out. Im enjoying my experience.

You can see the a more detailed explanation of the rules of the Slow Carb Diethere.

This Article was written by Stephen Martin AKA The Healthy Monk. Remember your Health is what you make it.


Best Way to Lose Weight before Your Wedding Day

First off, congratulations on your upcoming nuptials! Once the glow of being engaged to (hopefully) your perfect soul mate wears off you’ll be faced with the fact that you will be in the spotlight, in your dress, for an entire day. More importantly, you’ll be thousands of photos taken by your guests and a professional photographer to commemorate the special day….talk about incentive to look your best! Up to 70% of brides-to-be want to lose weight and tone their bodies for the big day. Unfortunately quite a few that fall into that 70% category seek out drastic methods when searching for the best way to lose weight, and end up harming their bodies. So before you start your pre-wedding weight loss plan set your end goal and work backwards. The more time you have to plan, the better. So if you’ve got 6-9 months to work with, there is no reason you need to cut drastic measures.

First tip: Don’t buy a wedding dress that’s too small. You don’t need any added stress on you and quite often, that plan is setting you up for failure.

You might not be the only one looking to lose pounds for the big day. Your soon to-be-spouse might also be wanting to look their best on your wedding day and it’s always more helpful to reach your goals when working with a partner. So make sure to talk to close friends/family that will be involved in your wedding and get everyone on board! Find a training partner for your workouts and you will help keep each other accountable. Even a lunch buddy at work will help you make smart choices if you eat and snack out.

If you’re aiming to lose 1-2 pounds a week (which is the best way to lose weight) you’re going to need to eliminate approximately 500 calories from your daily diet. Let’s not get ahead of ourselves, the first thing you need to do is track your eating. Begin a dietary journal immediately and write down everything you eat and drink. Once you have done this for two weeks add up the calories and see how much calories you consume on average each day.

You may notice that you eat a lot more sweets & fatty snacks and drink a lot more alcohol & sugary drinks than you originally thought. These are first and best places to cut empty calories. Replace most of the bad drinks with water. Get some diabetic chocolate for your sugar cravings and replace the majority of those bad snacks with fruit and veggies.

Now you need to look at these rich, sugary snacks and notice when you eat them so you can begin control your appetite at peak craving times – like mid afternoon. Be smart and plan in advance what you’re going to eat that will satisfy your mouth, and not your waistline. Do you often dine out for lunch or dinner? There are so many hidden calories in restaurant food, so your best bet is to aim for protein and steamed vegetables (skip the creamy sauce) and/or split your entre in half and put it in a doggy bag OR split with your dining companion.

Commit to not eating late as your body just tends to store those calories. Set a cut off time around 6pm or 7pm if you are awake typical hours. Eat a good filling dinner prior to this cut off time and drink water to help stave off late night hunger cravings.

Keep a track of what you eat in your dietary journal. Allot yourself 2 cheat meals and 2 cheat snacks a week. Be sensible with the portions as a major binge can sabotage all your efforts.

Now monitor your progress. If the weight is coming off, stick to your current plan. If it’s not adjust the plan slightly (removing calories or reducing cheat meals/snacks) until the weight starts to come off.

Of course a workout regime must be added to this plan. Its best you find a weight lifting program you can do consistently 2-3x a week along with cardiovascular exercise 2-3x a week as well.

You never know, you just may adopt this new healthy lifestyle after the big day and go on to be in a perpetual state of utter hotness. Something to consider…

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Watching Your Portions

There may be times when you will be asked to attend a dinner or function at a restaurant. It may pose
a problem if you are trying to lose weight, since restaurants usually provide their customers with
dishes that contain more food than they need to consume. These types of meals can destroy a
healthy diet and lead to serious weight gain, unless you plan ahead accordingly.

The Menu

Most of restaurants have a website that will allow you to browse their menu prior to arriving. This
gives you the opportunity to review the menu in detail, so that you can see what types of foods you
should eat.

Some individuals are very indecisive when ordering from a new menu, especially when they are trying
to select a healthy meal. By viewing the menu before arriving to the restaurant, you will already know
what you want for dinner and can make the proper choices.

Split Appetizers

If the individuals in your party would like to order appetizers, then you should consider splitting an
appetizer with someone else. You could also ask that your entree’s accompanying side salad or soup
be served as your appetizer. If there are no side dishes for your main meal, then you could order a
small house salad.

Avoid the Bread Basket

The bread basket is something that almost all restaurants provide. However, these breads are high in
carbs and can be counterproductive to your diet plan. It also makes you become fuller faster, which
means that when the main meal is served, you may attempt to finish the entire thing, which can lead
to overeating.

Fried Foods are the Enemy

Try to avoid ordering any foods that are fried. These items tend to be battered and the oil that is used
to fry them can also increase your weight. If a food item is listed as being fried, you should ask your
server if it could be broiled or grilled instead.

Drink Water Not Sodas

Water is your friend. You should refrain from drinking sodas and other beverages that are high in
sugars, since they can add to the overall amount of calories that you are consuming. Ask the server for
slices of lemons and limes to give the water an appealing citrus taste.

Eating out a restaurant does not have to impair your ability to lose weight. By making some smart
decisions about what you are eating, you can be sure that you are making the right decisions.

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Clenbuterol Diet Plan Review

Managing weight can be a problem especially when there is no good diet plan to follow. When selecting a diet plan, you should consider the combination of foods in your meals. The truth is that there is no one diet plan that stands out as the best. All diet plans have advantages and disadvantages.

To get the best results when losing weight, you need to combine exercise, diet, and a drug that enhances the break down of fats effectively. Among reputable drugs, clenbuterol stands out as the best in managing weight problems. It is popular with many people who want to lose weight. Clenbuterol was in fact popularized by athletes and body builders

Clenbuterol effectively initiates weight loss by increasing body temperature which burn fat. If you have been struggling to lose weight for many years with little success, clenbuterol will maximize the potential of your body to burn fat.

You can combine clenbuterol with your work out routine to enhance weight loss. This is not a wonder drug for those who want quick results. One important thing to remember is that when you are watching your weight, you should weigh yourself at least once a month.

It is also advisable that you take Clenbuterol at least twice a day that is, in the morning and in the evening. This has a two-fold effect. First, it keeps your energy supply constant and secondly, it speeds up the break down of fats in the body.

The best way to manage weight problems is to eat healthy and drink plenty of water too. A good diet should take care of your energy needs and at the same time ensure normal functioning of the body. You can choose a diet plan that matches your weight loss needs.
In addition, you can also alter the menu if you are not comfortable with a diet plan that encourages the consumption of fat -rich foods or those with high levels of protein at the expense of your health.

A close analysis of many diet plans indicates that they have a selected combination of foods. These foods are selected on the basis of the physiological effects they have on the body.

For instance, some diet plans encourage the dieters to eat a combination of foods that are rich in protein. They also discourage consumption of certain foods that are rich in carbohydrates. The reasoning behind such diet plans is that carbohydrates stimulate production of insulin, which leads to increased hunger and weight gain.

This plan also holds that individuals watching weight will experience loss of appetite and their bodies will, consequently utilize stored fats to generate energy. The breakdown of fats will eventually result in weight loss. The benefits of this plan is that it is easy to follow and encourages dieters to stick to simple meal plans. On the contrary, such meal plans are regarded as potentially harmful to the body in the long run because they raise cholesterol levels and they may also lead to kidney problems. There is also a high likelihood of developing cancer and heart diseases.

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The Reality Relating To Body Weight Loss Surgical Procedure

For people who are highly obese, weight loss surgery may be one approach that could save their lives. A situation in which someone weighs an unnatural amount, then this may be a beneficial approach if the person is capable of coping with the process. Sometimes a person can be quickly puzzled if they believe the contrary information offered on the net. Every now and then you will notice a news story about the dreadful results of somebody, but you will discover also success stories out there, too. Then there are the urban myth stories in which the primary facts become garbled and mangled past recognition. If you are contemplating this alternative, then it is your responsibility to make sure you obtain accurate information. You also need to speak with your doctor and any specialists including previous patients who have experienced this procedure.

There are always risks associated with any kind of surgery, and that pertains to the most minor procedures. When humans are engaged and using man made devices, then certainly there is the possibility for error or mistakes. Another excellent and apparent point is to only use the expertise of a competent surgeon. All professions have a wide variety of people who bring various talents and abilities with them. You will feel more reassured about everything if you’re using a surgeon with a good track record and has experience. Also, if you happen to be dangerously overweight, then you have to think about the risks of remaining in the condition compared to surgery.

There may very well be an understandable impression that this surgery will ensure that you will remain thin. Well, that thought is completely fallacious because the same issues and principles of weight gain still exist. The thing concerning this is the person will always be in full control of how much is eaten and exactly what is eaten. It will continue being important to make use of sound and wholesome eating habits. Unfortunately, it is not that simple and sound judgment should be used. This is a technique that can help you get back on course with dieting, control and management. Thus, no promises can be made in relation to anything, and the patient needs to still be responsible for his or her condition.

Some people believe that this type of procedure results in all hunger feelings to fade away. There is a time frame after which the usual feelings of hunger seem to be absent. The scenario is such that the thought processes about hunger will remain in the person’s mind. The surgery patient will go through mental feelings of food cravings which are not the same. So there exists a period of adjustment that everybody experiences after surgery. What may seem unusual is the amount of food that needs to be eaten is greatly reduced. What’s also common is for the full blown hunger feelings to come back after about a year, or more.

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Fat Loss Basics To Remain Healthy and Live Longer

The Fundamentals Exposed

Make fat loss your priority if you are sick and sick and tired of becoming fat and unsightly. But just before you seize the subsequent program that arrives your way, you must 1st know the fundamentals to stay healthful and reside lengthier. Discover the crucial errors to steer clear of in any weight loss program, three easy actions to a wholesome lifestyle, and successful the “battle of the bulge,” and it is possible to be in your method to a long term wholesome physique.

What You need to Learn about Fat

Do not begin your fat loss program without having realizing this… Our physique is definitely an intricate style produced up of h2o, muscle, bone and organs. Apart from that, there is 1 critical element largely misunderstood – fat. Fat is vital in the principal capabilities of the physique and for power storage. It really is necessary for wholesome residing, but an excessive might trigger ill-health. That is your target when searching for an excellent program.

We need to realize that fat is lighter than muscle, and any weight misplaced may possibly be considered a loss of muscle tissue as an choice. Several who wish to lessen weight fail to enjoy the essential position of fat within our body’s program. Their principal indicator of excellent outcomes are the figures in the rest room scale – when weight drops, the program can be a achievement.

A great program signifies that a much better indicator is physique mass index which is really a a lot more sensible measure of fitness. It offers an perfect stability of fat-muscle combine and it is the basis of an excellent intervention.

In occasions when the scale doesn’t register a reduction in weight, you could have already got the dynamic advantage of lowering fat and muscle acquire, thereby attaining weight versus dropping. Within this instance, your wellness is completely typical along with your fitness sound, in your approach to bodily fitness.

Errors To Stay away from In Weight Loss Programs

To numerous individuals, “fat loss” and “weight loss” imply the exact same. To make sure that you are on an excellent program, it can be prudent to understand that these two are completely various – in which means also as in the context of the program. Weight loss focuses on the variety of kilograms or lbs misplaced, although fat loss concentrates on the centimeters or inches about the waist. An perfect fat loss program suggests which you create a fantastic benchmark in girth and weight, and get your BMI (physique mass index) at the begin.

As opposed to great fat loss programs, some slimming advocates advise to minimize carbs significantly, strictly observe a diet program and do lots of cardio physical exercise. Although these possibly excellent if put in the correct viewpoint, also a lot loss could do much more hurt. Any sudden and drastic alter would undoubtedly possess a counterproductive impact, faster or later on.

An excellent fat loss program basically advises that it can be far better to alter some issues a bit, in incremental actions and stick with the strategy. A balanced diet with out skipping a meal is far better than cutting carbs substantially, and discovering methods to enhance the heart fee each day is significantly safer than lots of cardio program. In a fantastic fat loss program, moderation is important.

three Basic Actions of a fantastic Fat Loss Program

When beginning your fat loss program, integrate these 3 easy actions within your every day program. This will not need a total alter in way of life. An excellent calendar and modest quantity of self-discipline are all you have to have a very long term fat loss impact you have constantly wished.

Phase one. Discover a minimum of five – ten minutes each day to enhance your heart price. You’ll be able to either do it by brisk strolling, gardening, or merely heading up and down the stairs some instances. Do not overdo this. Something that entails the heart program really should be dealt with with caution, even in confirmed fat loss programs.

Stage two. Muscle is definitely an critical ally inside your fat loss program. It assists burn off fat even even though sleeping. Even so, you do not must create herculean biceps to accomplish this. What is necessary is really a easy muscle tone to exchange excessive fat you shed. A straightforward push-away or push-up would do the trick.

Action three. Consume 3 wholesome meals every day. It need to be many different fruits, greens and lean meat. Selection is the important to facilitate fat loss; that is the principal solution of our ancestors. Since there’s no way for them to shop foods, they go refreshing every single time.

Learn the best way to lose weight fast and get rid of your body fat maintaining your muscles in the process.

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Loose your Weight Effectively

There are a lot of methods to loose your weight. But you have to choose the most effective method to loose your weight. The method you choose should also be safe. If you reduced your weight by unconventional methods then you will have a lot of health problems.

Diet controlling is also very essential to control your weight. You will have to avoid the food item that is excessively fried and roasted. Fast food and junk food also should be avoided. You will have to stick on to a diet which is healthy and natural.

Many of them think that it is very difficult to control their diet. Gradually you have to reduce the food or else you will be discontented at the starting itself. You can increase the number of meals which will increase the digestion process. Drink a lot of water also which is very helpful in controlling your diet.

Herbal medicines can be taken to reduce your weight. The main advantage of herbal medicines is that they are very effective in regulating the metabolism to reduce your weight. There are many exotic herbs that have the capacity to burn the unused fats deposited in your body.

Choose a superior quality herbal product to control your weight. There are a lot of medicines available in the market which does not have the required quality. Therefore you have to choose the best in quality and effectiveness. Herbal medicines will not prove any side effect or allergy to your body.

When you start reducing your weight, there will be a lot of changed happening to your metabolism and body. To balance those changes you can take herbal medicines. They will ensure the overall health and well being of your body even if you start weight reducing methods.

Weight Loss Pills

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7 Day Belly Blast Diet Pdf – 7 Day Belly Blast Diet Download Free

The 7 Day Belly Blast Diet is a Popular & Successful Diet Plan which has Helped Thousands of People to Lose Weight Successfully. In this review of the 7 Day Belly Blast will be the basic principles to help you decide whether in fact it truly works and is it right for you? The 7 Day Belly Blast Diet is a strategic eating program that is scientifically designed to help you quickly overcome the 3 biggest challenges that are keeping you from a flat belly, including: (1) Hormone imbalances, (2) A slow and broken metabolism, and (3) Addictive foods that cause you to eat uncontrollably and make your belly bulge with toxic waste. It includes step-by-step details on how to use best sneaky tricks to a flat belly.

This diet will show you how to quickly and easily feed your belly-burning furnace so you can lose up to 11 pounds of belly fat, excess water, and toxic waste in as little as 7 days from now. There are positive delicious meals that burn belly fat and deadly foods that Set off belly fat. To get a flat belly quick, He will train you how to swap the bad foods for the good.There is a manual with full-color photographs featuring name brand food swaps. Creating powerful mindset to succeed.It will show you train your mind to push you to shed weight and get lean. You will discover all his best tips to dropping crazy amounts of weight in just a week. Discover the 3 obstacles that are maintenance you from a flat belly and then the 3 sneaky tips to overcoming them for a flat belly fast. You will learn the most horrible weight loss products that are complete rip-offs and you don not need, taken by the nutritional vitamins and herbs that really DO make a difference in your results and much more.

This plan shows you how to set up a fat burning eating habit that easily helps your body burn off more fat fast. It shows you which foods you must include in your diet habits because they help you shed fat more quickly and which foods you should avoid because they make it harder for your body to loose fat or they just pack on more fat.But this program does not just shows you which foods you should or should not eat. It also shows you how to eat them and when to get better your metabolic rate and help your body to burn more calories quicker. He has mentioned list of food.

The 7 Day Belly Blast Diet is a program that can help you shed belly fat and eat healthier food so I recommend it for any person who wishes to get leaner. So if you’re interested in how to lose up to 11 pounds of unattractive belly fat in just 7 days from now, and how to continuously lose weight and maintain your weight loss, in order to finally get the body you really deserve, try the 7 Day Belly Blast Diet!

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Review on Free Weight loss programs

I sometimes question if the free weight loss products really work, or if in fact it was when I finally got off of my lazy bulging behind and made a conscious choice to actually start an exercise routine. That’s when the fat started to fall away, and all it took was the right type of motivation. Don’t get me wrong “motivation” is always an issue. A lot of the time when you will feel hopeless and that everything you try is a waste of time. The simple fact of it all is that, it is easier to stay in shape if you are already in shape.
It isn’t so easy to get back in to shape after you have already gotten out of shape!! Taking that first step is the hardest. Then taking the next few steps isn’t any easier. There are programs out there that can help, and many of them actually do, but the main thing to remember is that, it is only YOU that can be true to yourself and make that leap of faith.
So here it is then, my review on free weight loss. And I’m sorry, but it might not be exactly what you were needing or wanting to hear. You may have been looking for a quick fix, and some amazing free tips and ideas, and this is it……. There is nothing as free as good old, everyday exercise. The only cost there, is honest sweat and calories…. and maybe a little of you free time every day. It is free to go for a walk or jog, it is free to do 10-20 sit ups and press ups a day. Wonderful isn’t it!
If on the other hand you’re like me and you do need that extra helping hand and motivation, because it does seem like there is a mountain of doubt as to where to start in front of you. Then I found that there are plenty of online products that can give you handy hints and tips. Most products offer something useful that will aid you, but the one that I would recommend (that helped me) to find that valuable and elusive starting point was “thedietsolutionprogram”, from Isabel De Los Rios. It is filled with great, simple ideas that are easy to follow and through it I discovered how to lose lbs fast.

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With all this great information in your “must-have” starter kit to permanent weight loss & vibrant health..
you’ll discover diet techniques you will love, including loads of amazing free weight loss tips and ideas.