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Less Calorie Low Fat Snack Recipes – 7 Healthy Snacks for Weight Loss

Feeling hungry and it is not meal time yet? It is best to munch on some healthy snack which is low in calories and fat. Whether you are dieting or not, it is good to be aware of the calories you consume. Snacks which are high in calories and low in nutrients should be avoided. Instead go for low fat snacks.

It has been advised to eat small meals and snacks frequently rather than consuming 2 to 3 heavy meals. This was the body is energized throughout the day and this also boosts the body’s metabolism. Therefore the snacks taken should be healthy and low fat.

There are plenty of options to choose from the many healthy snacks recipes available now days. Some of the low calorie and low fat snack recipes are as under:

1. Orange Sunshine Smoothie:

Ingredients: Half cup of orange juice, one-fourth cup of low fat yogurt, few cubes of ice.

Directions: Put all the above ingredients in a blender and blend for a minute till it all mixes. Pour in a glass and sip this healthy snack drink.

2. Vegetable Dip:

Ingredients: one-fourth cup sweet onions finely chopped, one-fourth cup cucumbers finely chopped, one-fourth cup green bell peppers finely chopped, one-fourth cup radishes finely chopped, 2 tablespoons of parsley finely chopped, 2 cups low fat yogurt, 1 tablespoon fresh lemon juice, 1 teaspoon of honey, salt and pepper to taste.

Directions: Mix all the above ingredients together and chill in the fridge. This can be eaten as a dip for some vegetable like carrots.

3. Vegetable Delight:

Ingredients: Carrot cut in strips, broccoli florets, asparagus tenders, snow peas with strings removed, green peas trimmed, cauliflower florets.

Directions: Blanch the above ingredients in boiling water with little salt. After few minutes, strain and dip in cold water. Drain and pat dry. It can be eaten then or chilled and served. This is a low calorie snack recipe and tasty too.

4. Baked French Fries:

Ingredients: 1 big Potatoes, half tablespoon of olive oil, salt and paprika for sprinkling.

Directions: Preheat oven. Peel and cut potatoes into long slices. Put these slices in cold water for a while and then drain. Pat dry with a paper towel and lay them out on baking sheet. Spread the olive oil on the potatoes and bake till the potatoes turn crisp and golden. Take out the potatoes and sprinkle with salt and paprika. This is a much healthier version of the deep fried French fries!

5. Salad Mix:

Ingredients: One-fourth cup chopped cucumber, one-fourth cup chopped carrots, one-fourth cup chopped tomato, one-fourth cup bell peppers, salt and pepper to taste.

Directions: Mix the above ingredients and enjoy this low fat snack recipe.

6. Oatmeal:

Ingredients: Half cup oatmeal, half cup low fat milk, half teaspoon honey, 1 teaspoon cinnamon.

Directions: Mix all these and keep in fridge. Can top with a few raisins or berries for a yummy healthy snack.

7. Fruit Mix:

Ingredients: Chopped pieces of any 2-3 fruits you like half cup low fat yogurt.

Directions: Layer your fruits with yogurt and enjoy this low calorie snack. You can drizzle it with some honey if you like.

Above are some of the low calories snack recipes. You can invent one yourself by experimenting. Other healthy ways to snack on are munching on apple slices, watermelon, cottage cheese and drinking fruit juices.

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A Much More Gentle Approach To Weight Loss

There seems to be some intuitive belief that to make sure you lose weight, you need to consume less. It is all about excess calories, among all else, so that could very well be one strategy. However, very many people will tell you that is a difficult task to do not to mention to maintain. There tend to be too many difficult behavior changes associated with eating significantly less, or even half-starving your self.

When you take it into consideration, this necessitates significant changes, but that is still possible using different strategies. The basic strategy is to do not as much over time and little by little make the desired shift.Except in cases where you have a hyperactive metabolism, then excessive daily calories results in obesity. There is a small minority who cannot put on pounds in spite of how much they eat. You should not exclude too many calories since your body needs energy every day. If you keep up with starving yourself of calories, then that will definitely catch up to you and produce other issues.

So the initial step would be to begin decreasing foods that are not helping your weight situation. You’ll find it much easier to cut back, initially, than attempt to completely eliminate them.Of course you should make a parallel effort to begin with eating healthier foods each day. Once again, you do not need to make a severe change here, as well as a total lifestyle makeover. You are able to readily see that this is much gentler on your mental health. A more gradual approach will give you time to make internal adjustments which you will find to be easier. When you feel comfortable with that degree of change, then you can make another adjustment in your daily diet. On top of that, you may consider incorporating some kind of physical activity to your weekly routine.Make certain you examine precisely what you are eating every day with regards to how good it is for you.

You do have to avoid consuming high levels of carbohydrates in foods and drinks. Then, you require fat in your diet, but it is the kind of fat that makes a difference. Highly processed foods and fast foods are perfect examples of the incorrect kinds of fats for you. You do not want to remove them all at the same time, so then as we said above cut back little by little. Make a serious attempt to trigger some kind of healthy change, and each and every time you do that you will feel more confident.It is advisable to make these small changes an integral part of your new behaviors and habits. While this method is easier, recognize that this process will take more time to drop the weight.

On the other hand, this method may very well work for some people who cannot make radical changes. Even so, you cannot allow yourself to stagnate because it is important to keep going about it. Then soon enough you will begin to experience more favourable results which will keep you motivated. Who knows how you will react when you start losing weight and eating less, and being healthier, is actually easier.

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3 impressive Vegetables that fight Abdominal Fat

Reduction of your abdominal fat might be as simple as eating a few wholesome vegetables…

This information was taken from an original article by Mike Geary, Certified Personal Trainer, Certified Nutrition Specialist and Author of — The Truth about Six Pack Abs

It may by enjoyable for you to know that there are vegetables that posess a class of phytonutrients that have been proven to work against belly fat.

Im excited to share with you what these veggies are and why they help you get rid of stomach fat…

The awful substances that make your body develop belly fat

Something you need to know is that certain chemicals in our food supply and our environment, such as certain petrochemicals from air and water pollution, household cleaners, cosmetics, as well as pesticides and herbicides may react with your body’s chemistry making it store excess abdominal fat.

They are called xenoestrogens and are dangerous to you.

Xenoestrogens are bad chemicals that you are exposed to every day in the modern world and they have an estrogenic effect in your body.  Excess exposure to these may cause hormone balance disruptions for both women and men. So these chemicals can wreak havoc in the body for both guys and gals.

Your body being stimulated to store belly weight, along with the potential for many other problems (including cancer risks in the sustained term) are a result of these estrogenic compounds we are exposed to every day.

Even if you don’t like vegetables these vegetables may come in handy…

For the clients that go to Mike for nutritional counseling they are taught to use cruciferous vegetables to help fight against stomach fat.

Cruciferous vegetables such as broccoli, cauliflower, brussels sprouts, kale, cabbage, etc. contain indole-3-carbinol (I3C) unique phytonutrients that help to fight against these grave estrogenic compounds…

By eliminating belly blubber producing estrogenic chemicals from your body, you’re that much closer to winning the war against abdominal fat!

And there it is… just another reason to do what mom always told you to do, eat more broccoli!

Even though brussel sprout were not his favorite, Mike has started to enjoy them… He suggests melting a petite amount of grass-fed cheese on them and adding some garlic to make them fantastic!

We welcome you to read the resource box and click through to visit us at At our site we have a link to an online daily calorie intake calculator that you can use for free to figure out how many calories you need to eat to lose abdominal fat. Take the step today!

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Peter Engwall: Fatherhood Spurs 140-pound loss

Peter Engwall’s Best Life Stats
Starting date/weight – January 2, 2007 at 332 lbs.
Pounds lost – 142
Goal weight – 190 (he’s there!!)
Best Life Status – Phase 3/Activity Level 4

Like many Best Life members, Peter Engwall, 35, started the Best Life plan shortly after the introduction of Bob Greene’s book on Oprah in January 2007. He was inspired to purchase the book, and read it cover to cover in a day.

At about the same time, he and his wife were looking for activities to do with their four-year-old son, Auggie, during the winter months and decided to tour the local YMCA. “When we walked by the Cardio room, I asked my wife, ‘Are there any fat people in there?’ and she said, ‘Yes, but they’re getting skinny.’ That’s when I was convinced it was time to change my less-than-active lifestyle.” The six-foot, 332-pound IT project manager vowed to drop nearly 150 pounds. One of his main motivators: His son; he wanted to be able to do more, play more, be more involved.

Since joining, Peter has literally become a new man. He has dropped an astounding 142 pounds, and reached his goal weight of 190 pounds. What clicked for Peter? Check out some of his pointers below.

It’s not a diet…it’s a lifestyle change. “I knew that changing my life would be easier than ‘going on a diet.’ I didn’t like the stigma that goes a long with being on a diet, and have heard that diets don’t work. So, I thought to myself, if I don’t go on a diet but I change my life, it should work. I’d been ‘husky’ all of my life and never really tried to understand why I was overweight. Basically, I was overweight because I was lazy and I liked to eat.”

You have to burn more than you take in. “I learned that if I just move a little more each day and be careful about what I eat, the weight will come off. And whenever I ate something, I said, ‘Does it taste good, or am I hungry?” If the answer was ‘it tastes good’ then I wouldn’t eat it; if I was hungry then I had one serving. This also helped me realize how calories impact weight loss and how much work I had to do in order to burn just one calorie.”

Just start moving. “We joined the YMCA, which is only a couple of blocks from my office, and I decided to go there during lunch one day. I got on the treadmill and walked. The next thing I knew, 30 minutes had gone by and I was completely wiped out. But it felt good. So, I went back a couple of days later. Before I knew it, I needed to go; it was just feeling too good.”

As time went by, Peter started to use the stationary bike and upped his treadmill pace. He took advantage of the Y’s free consultation with a fitness coach to figure out the weight machines, and began to lift weights as part of his regular routine. With a tracking program called FitLinxx, he determined how many reps, how many sets, and how much weight to lift. “As you leave the gym, it would tell you your stats for the day. Imagine my surprise when I learned that I’d 42,000 pounds during one workout! You can also go online and see how you compare to others at your location or within your age group. I liked seeing where I stood against others and had fun watching myself climb the ladder.”

Shop smart. Although Peter doesn’t follow the meal plans, he does look for the Best Life seal on products, and finds that grocery shopping has become much easier now. “I knew that if I saw Best Life on a product, I could eat it, and it would be good for me,” he says. Now that he has a kitchen stocked with nutritious foods, it’s easy to eat right. “Instead of having a can of Mountain Dew to wake me up, as was my habit for the past seven years, I have a real breakfast of yogurt, a hard-boiled egg or cereal. I also take my vitamin and an omega-3 supplement.”

You have to log to lose. Once Peter started keeping track of his food intake and exercise, he noticed a difference almost immediately. “I was seeing results, and most importantly I was having fun,” Peter says. “With my wife’s loving support and encouragement, the results I was seeing, and people asking me, ‘Are you shrinking?!’ it just became easy to keep moving.”

An Outstanding Outcome: From Fat to Fun Daddy
“I used to tell my son that ‘someday’ we would go to Disneyland, when in reality I knew that we wouldn’t go until I could fit into the roller-coaster, and I really didn’t know when that day would come. This summer, we went to a small festival when we were on vacation, and I could have ridden the rides all day with my son. It was like being a kid again. My son now calls me ‘fun daddy.’ I’m also learning to wake board, and having the time of my life. In short, I’ve found that life is too short to waste being fat.”

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Conquering Weight Loss Cravings In A Clever And Totally Different Way

There are actually specific similarities between shedding unwanted weight and smoking cessation. The individual with the most motivation is the one who can accomplish either one. If you can become determined, and keep that, then your likelihood of getting what you want go through the roof. If there exists sincere and powerful motivation, then it follows you will become extremely motivated. But there is an additional essential aspect you can combine with the above two to make you become unstoppable. This strategy is highly personal and unique to your life and overall values, or what you hold most important to you.

We feel that you could improve your motivation if you stop and really think about why you desire to lose weight. Desired goals have a way of clarifying and making concrete those things you believe you must possess. Goals work to make real all of those aspirations and desires resident in your thoughts. You possess your own unique wants in your life. The best way you can figure out where you need to go is simply by formulating a powerful and personal goal. It’s simply because if you do not know what you want, in depth, then you will have less idea about how to accomplish it. Losing weight is often a string of measures you take each day, and there is far more called for than merely, eating less.

Instead of only thinking you need to lose weight, ask yourself why you really want to do it. So it only makes perfect sense that this is something only you will know. As an example, there are few things more motivating when it concerns health issues. It is known that lower body joints may become painful as a consequence of severe excess weight. Merely gaining better health and fitness for your loved ones could be an excellent reason. Weight problems and getting older can combine to present many health issues, and you may want to avoid that. These are the sorts of goals and reasons, or reasons, that can help to keep you motivated along the way.

When you find yourself like millions of other people, then retaining a high level of motivation can be a serious dilemma. What is hardly ever a challenge is having what feels like authentic desire and then getting started. The truly tough part is sustaining that higher level of desire and motivation. If you are having a seriously hard time, then you may encounter lackluster effort after even one week. The best way to push through the hard times when you desire to quit is your robust motivation to succeed. From time to time you simply need to dig in more deeply, but bear in mind your end game, the outcome, which are your personal reasons.

Ultimately you will get to a point where even your goals may feel less powerful. Therefore it can be very helpful to have some kind of additional support system available. In the event it is not possible, then plan for it at any rate and just decide to go out and do something positive.

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A Superior Way For Weight Loss

People notice ads for fat burning products and workout machines for weight loss. Nevertheless, an individual may ponder whether or not other methods how to lose weight can be found. A lot of dieters possibly will not wish to use fat loss pills. Other individuals possibly will not wish to use workout machines. Both these techniques may work for several people. Nonetheless, everybody happens to be unique. Hence, individuals ought to find methods for weight loss which suit their needs.

A wonderful method to burn fat besides weight loss pills or exercise devices is changing nutritional regimens. Individuals may reduce unwanted pounds through merely adjusting poor diets to nutritionally sound diets. Additionally, this specific method works in combination with fat loss pills and workout equipment as well. Actually, diet pills as well as exercise equipment advertisements contain fine print stating individuals ought to utilize their product with an appropriate eating plan.

Modifying nutritional regimens is usually difficult. People are familiar with certain foods. Almost certainly comparable foods were consumed an individual’s entire life. Thus, modifying this routine might be difficult. But, when a person wants to eliminate unwanted pounds then they need to change previous diets. Also, these adjustments should be modifications individuals can adhere to long term otherwise fat is regained after a healthy eating plan is stopped.

For instance, a person familiar with sugary breakfast cereals cannot simply convert over to oatmeal. Oatmeal might taste plain compared to sugar filled breakfast cereals. Given that individuals are use to foods loaded with processed sugar, dining on products without refined sugar might seem plain. Thus, a person possibly will desire to slowly add organic oatmeal in their morning meal by mixing oatmeal with sugar loaded breakfast cereals. With time, individuals will be accustomed to oatmeal and can completely take out sugar filled breakfast cereals. Another technique for eating organic oatmeal is add cinnamon, raisins and a banana. These food items make an amazing breakfast to help with eliminating extra weight that happens to be sweet too. Thus the best method how to lose weight is consuming oatmeal rather than sugar loaded cereals.

Regarding tasteless food items, many people possibly will assume dieting food items are tasteless. Those opinions happen to be mistaken. In this society, individuals are able to consume delicious food products and still reduce body weight.

Many people use weight loss pills as well as exercise machines for weight loss. But, these alternatives are not successful for everybody. Other dieters use diet pills, workout equipment and change eating habits. Nevertheless, for several individuals the easiest way how to lose weight is just adjusting diets to healthy scrumptious munchies and meals.

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Tennessee weight loss center – the easiest way of losing weight

A study reveals that there has been an increase in the number of people suffering from obesity. The main reason being the change in the eating habits and lifestyle. Most of the people have now started eating junk food more than nutritional diet. And moreover the exposure to electronic gadgets has made us very lazy.

Everyone wants to have a slim and fit body. Thus, there have been many centers that help you in loosing weight in a very easy way. One of such centers is the famous Tennessee Weight loss center. If you want to loose all of your extra weight this would be the best center. It is a center that concentrates on loosing weight in a natural method. Every center uses special trainers, professionals, techniques and plans for helping the people and training them for loosing weight. The centers provide a lot weight loss programs which are on daily, weekly or monthly basis. But there are a few points that are to be considered before choosing the Tennessee weight loss center.

Primarily, find out where exactly the health center is situated. If it is very far away and quite inconvenient for you to travel on daily basis you can go for some weekly basis program. There are even centers situated in the midst of greenery. They would be very beneficial and peaceful. Thus you can opt for these centers for the monthly plans they offer you. There are even many exercises which are for making you very fit and slim. Even special programs consisting yoga and meditation are there which are very good for building your health. Yoga is considered as a universal solution for all your problems. Thus bringing yoga into your weight loss plan should be a must. And yoga should become a daily routine too, if healthy living is required.

But doing exercises won’t be very effective unless you go for a healthy non-cholesterol diet. These Tennessee weight loss centers even offer a healthy diet after learning about your current health status. It would be very essential to follow this diet plan very strictly and you will surely be successful in your plan of loosing weight. A very crucial thing is the cost. Make sure that the weight loss center you are choosing to join falls in your budget.

Perhaps, now you would find a easier way of getting rid of your excessive weight.

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My Top 5 Weight Loss Tips!

One of the hardest things to do is lose weight, but it is becoming increasingly more easy with all the help that is now offered. This article is going to share my tips on weight loss which I learnt while on my own weight loss journey. Before reading any further you need to make sure you are dedicated and willing to push your body emotionally and physically to achieve your goals with the help of the information provided below, if not please leave now. OK, so you are committed 100% to losing weight and with believe and will power these tips should help you achieve your weight loss goal:

1. Eating breakfast is important, but I would wait 1 hour after waking to have any solids. The best thing to have after just waking would be plain water to help the body cleanse itself.
2. Exercise in the morning each day. It is better to exercise in the morning as we are more productive in the mornings and it will set you up for a positive day as exercising increases the hormones that can makes us feel happy.
3. Eat a lot of small meals throughout the day instead of 2-3 large meals. This is easier on the metabolism and digestive system.
4. Make sure to track your progress. Very important as in the beginning there will only be small changes that you may not notice without tracking it.
5. Stay positive! This was the biggest thing that helped me on my weight loss journey. The main reason in the first place we gain weight is because we feel negative and use food as a cover up, if you stay positive and keep moving forward you will eventually reach your goals in the end.

These are the 5 things that really pushed me forward and I am sharing them because hopefully they can help you achieve your weight loss goals as well.

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8 Natural Weight Loss and Diet Tips

Children who are obese in their pre-teen years have an 80 percent chance of being obese adults. These numbers are worrisome as they indicate a future rapid increase in many of the chronic diseases already plaguing the United States and much of the developed world.
Did you know losing up to 7 to 10 pounds in one week is possible without using drugs or extreme dieting methods?

Alcohol doesn’t boost your mood, it is actually bad for emotional and physical health as it’s actually a depressant. Caffeine also makes some people edgy too. Cut out or cut down on alcohol and coffee.

The best exercise program is one that you will be able to stick with. Because exercising on a mini trampoline is fun and easy, it is an exercise routine that you will look forward to doing. It is convenient to exercise in the comfort of your own home. You can even exercise in front of the television, so you have no excuse not to do it.

Prefer flavorings like hot sauce, salsa, and Cajun seasonings rather than butter and creamy or sugary sauces. These flavorings not only provide flavor with no fat and few calories, but the spicy ones also turn up digestive fires, causing your body to burn more calories.

Anatomy is not destiny: Even if your mother, father and siblings are overweight, you can outsmart your genes with a healthy diet and exercise. Light weight training can actually change your body type so you can stay slim more easily.

Keep your blood-sugar levels healthy by eating regularly. This helps you avoid the ‘high and low’ effect of your energy and if too long a gap between meals your mood can go low along with your low energy.

After your warm up you can increase your bounce, jog, dance, twist, march and add arm movements. A thirty minute workout 5 days a week is recommended. Because you will use muscles that you don’t normally work, you should start with just a five minute session and slowly build up to your thirty minute workout. Fiber is a substance that cannot be broken down by the body. It goes into the digestive tract, collects some debris and then passes through the system as an escort for wastes. According to the Mayo Clinic, eating fiber can help reduce your chances of developing heart disease and diabetes. It also recommends that women get 21 to 25g a day of fiber and men get 30 to 38g a day. When you eat fiber, it makes you feel full, which can satisfy your appetite for a longer period and lead to fewer calories being consumed. Some examples of high-fiber foods are pears, peas, oat bran, raspberries, lentils and artichokes.

Eat equal portions of vegetables and grains at dinner. A cup of cooked rice or pasta has about 200 calories, while a cup of cooked veggies has just 50 calories. This will help to avoid a grain calorie overload, and high-fiber veggies will help satisfying your hunger.

Replace fat stores with lean muscle and improve your fat-burning naturally. Start gradually, and work up to at least three days a week of training with resistance bands and light weights. Consult with your doctor if you’ve not worked out before.

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Slimming Down and Keeping It Off With Foods That Burn Off The Fat Quickly

If you desire to lose weight, then you really should consider adding foods that effortlessly cause your body to burn fat. What is well-known is they are effective, plus they perform the task in a safe fashion. A diet that is sensible and nutritious, in addition to good exercising, will be great, too. When you eat these types of foods, your general metabolic rate is going to raise by itself. The market is overloaded with fat reducing and metabolism boosting pills that contain different herbal products and plant derivatives. It is worth noting that very many, if not all, of those plant products have not been extensively tested. The great thing about fat burning foods is they are recognized and risk-free, and you typically do not have to be concerned about it.

Food items that burn fat have little quantities of fat and a great deal of proteins, carbs and good fiber. If you are budget conscious, then rest easy because they are not expensive. You most likely have at least some of them in your diet, but perhaps just not in good amounts. The number of calories included in a serving of fat burning foods is less than what you will expend digesting them.

Many fat burning foods contain different quantities of carbohydrate food, health proteins and others are plant based mostly. The plants we consume can contain a lot of cellulose, and that has little calories in it. The reason they are so effective is like we said, you use more calories as one’s body digests them. It is common knowledge that we require a certain level of fat in our diet for good health. You have to give consideration to the selection of fat you have in your diet, though. The very finest fats you can get in your diet are Essential Fatty Acids.

Fruits and vegetables are very important on account of their fat burning ability. The reason they’ll do that is the calorie count is low. Furthermore they are great for you on account of the vitamins, minerals and fiber they contain. A number of fruits and produce pack protein in them, and they’ll work very well with burning fat.

You can actually find a number of fat burning liquids, too, and green tea is regarded for having this capacity. You will also benefit through the different antioxidant ability existing in this ancient tea. Likewise, so many diverse kinds of fruits will give you you with antioxidants, too.

Among the very best fat loss foods you can find are beans. It really is the excellent levels of proteins and complex carbs present in beans that achieve this effect. This food is great for blood sugar equilibrium as well because they take longer to digest than most foods. Beans impart a solid full feeling, and that’s good because you won’t need to nibble on snack foods afterwards in the evening.

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