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Stephanie Redmond: Living Her Best Life and Managing Pre-Diabetes

Stephanie Redmond, a 48-year-old children’s ministry director in Kaiserslauteren Germany, has been a regular on for almost three years now. Not only has the program helped her lose nearly 50 pounds–and keep it off for more than two years–but it has also helped her get her blood sugar on track and manage a pre-diabetes diagnosis.
Although Stephanie had been experiencing symptoms, such as feeling woozy after eating high-sugar foods, for many years, she’d written them off as just a quirky reaction to certain foods. When her doctor revealed that she was pre-diabetic after she underwent some routine testing, Stephanie, then 45, was shocked, but also resolved. She had already decided to start living healthier prior to learning about her pre-diabetes–as someone who had been taking medication for high blood pressure for 13 years, she was ready to focus on her health. The diagnosis gave her even more motivation. “It confirmed that I really needed to lose weight for health reasons–not just for vanity’s sake. I felt especially glad that I’d already committed to a lifestyle change, sensing that this would make conquering this obstacle easier.” Providing even more of a push was the knowledge that her own mother was able to overcome a diabetes diagnosis by making diet and exercise changes.

So in January 2007, after learning about Bob’s sensible approach to overall health–not just weight–on The Oprah Winfrey Show, Stephanie made a one-year commitment to change to her lifestyle, and she hasn’t looked back since. She has slimmed down and took her health into her own hands by learning how to:

Manage hunger and eat the right foods
Of all the resources and tools on the Best Life plan, one of the most important for Stephanie was the hunger scale because it taught her how to eat without overindulging. Indeed, she credits the hunger scale with remedying the physical symptoms of fluctuating blood sugar. (That and the fact that she has now learned from following the Best Life meal plans that combining carb-rich foods with some lean protein and healthy fat can help blunt any blood sugar spikes.) Three years into the plan, and she’s still using the hunger scale. Another key Best Life guideline that has helped Stephanie: Avoiding the six problem foods. “Whenever I use the hunger scale and steer clear of the six foods, I almost always end the day within my calorie range–without having to count calories all day long,” she says.

Step up her activity
Stephanie decided to add exercise to her healthy routine right away–she knew she had to fully change if she wanted to make a difference. She began walking, and soon she was able to pick up her pace simply because she was better able to move her body. Gradually, she added cardio and strength classes, such as spinning and core dynamics, even power pump from time to time. She also started strength training, performing Bob’s Basic 8 a few times a week.

Making the transition from a person who normally sat on the sidelines to an enthusiastic exerciser who wouldn’t skip a session wasn’t that tough for Stephanie, especially considering her circumstances: She was living on a military base (her husband is an Air Force pilot) with a full gym within walking distance of her home. Plus, she had the flexibility as a stay-at-home mom to actually use the equipment. Not to mention, because of her husband’s work, she has had the opportunity to live in places the actually inspire activity. For instance, when she first embarked on the Best Life plan, she was living in Hawaii. “I was thrilled to feel fit enough to sail, hike and paddle [canoes]. I even tried wind surfing the day after my 47th birthday,” she says. She’s now living in Germany and loves to hike up the beautiful hill surrounding her village. “My favorite one has a windmill at the top and I picked loads of fresh blackberries there!”

Stay motivated despite setbacks
Several months into the program, Stephanie had not only lost a generous amount of weight, but her blood work results had improved, dropping from 112 mg/dl to 84. At that point, she was no longer considered pre-diabetic (normal blood sugar is below 100; pre-diabetes is 100 to 125). But six months later, she discovered her blood sugar to be up around 112 again–even though she had continued to lose weight and maintain all her healthy habits. “The news was upsetting, especially because I’d worked so hard and had received such good results just months before. But it made me reflect on my habits and dig deeper to figure out where I could make further improvements,” she said.

One problem she pinpointed was her love of sweetened yogurt. “I made the switch from sweetened yogurt to plain and also now add a serving of steel cut oats, berries and some nuts to make it even more nutritious and filling.” She has also learned to be more judicious about the type and amount of cereals and granolas she eats-realizing that even healthy foods can cause problems in excess.

And she has continued to challenge herself physically, training with her husband to walk a marathon distance-they’ve made it to 13 miles so far. She even works fitness into her vacations (actually, she says, she now “makes fitness a highlight of her vacations”)–on a recent trip to Rome, she spent many hours walking, touring and climbing steep monuments. And this past winter, her family took a ski trip to the Alps. Stephanie had never skied before, but was determined to learn. “There was a soldier in my class who was just back from Iraq and I was able to keep pace even though he was 20 years younger and full of muscle!” she says. “All of these are feats that would have been impossible just three years ago,” she says. Even her job keeps her moving–she recently logged more than 7,000 steps all before noon on several days tending to the details of Vacation Bible School, which she oversaw at her church. Stephanie plans to go back for another blood sugar test soon and will know whether her efforts have paid off.

Look beyond the scale
“I’d really like to lose another 50 pounds, but I know it’s going to take focus and energy. And I’m very happy where I am in many ways. I think that’s why I’ve stayed at this weight for a long time. I’m able to do anything I want,” she says. “Of course, getting down to under 200 pounds-where I haven’t been since I had my first child 22 year sago-is still a goal, but right now I’m very much enjoying my life and knowing that I can maintain.”

Stephanie sums it all up when she says, “It’s important for people to realize that you don’t have to be at your goal weight to greatly improve your health and do new and wonderful things. You just have to start making the changes. I’m halfway to where I want to be and look at how different my life is!” And even though a 50-pound weight loss and improved control over her eating and blood sugar are impressive accomplishments in and of themselves, it’s the fun that she’s having and the memories that she’s creating that make it all worth the effort. “It pains me to think what I would have missed,” she says, when she considers how her days would be different if she hadn’t started living her best life.

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Bob Greene is the founder of the highly acclaimed Best Life Diet brand. Through his books, foods, fitness products and website, Greene has helped millions lose weight and live their own personal best life, using his gradual three-phase approach to eating and exercise.


Losing Weight Naturally – 3 Big Advantages Of Using Your Local Gym…

If you wish to do so, then there’s absolutely nothing wrong with your own home when it comes to taking part in the exercise program of your choice. It can be just as effective (and is certainly cheaper) as any time you may spend at a gym – you just need stay focused and committed.

However, gyms these days are exceptionally user-friendly and are commonly large enough to accommodate every type of exercise program and provide a controlled environment for our forever increasing hard-working population.

Most people making use of their local gym are doing so because they find it difficult to commit themselves to what they need to do due to all the distractions at home.

With this in mind, what are the other reasons people pay for a gym membership? Let’s take a look at some of the advantages;

Quick and easy access to expert help
Gyms generally have their own professional support and training team, with most of them happy to assist and guide the exercise enthusiast. This alone is a huge benefit since most people, most especially the beginners, simply have no clue as to what they should or shouldn• t be doing and can cause themselves some serious damage in the process of using equipment or followings they• ve never used before.

A gym can also often provide you with your own personal trainer should you feel the need for personal attention and assistance to achieve your goals.

It’s a decision only you can make. Make sure you follow expert advice and then go with the program that suits your level of fitness – plenty of gyms offer free trial memberships, so you can’t lose anything by giving it a go.

Access to high standard equipment
You’ll be exposed to every possible kind of equipment you could ever need for losing weight and getting toned.

There’ll be everything from tread-mills to free-weights (my absolute favorites) and weight training machines, which provide the beginner with an easier initial option because there’s much less risk of injury with a machine than with the free-weights.

Large variety of exercise programs
A cheaper option than hiring a personal trainer would be any one of the programs that most good gyms also have running. You’d probably be able to choose from a selection of Yoga, Pilates and Aerobics amongst others and any of these would keep you committed to the exercise program you need for burning away that excess fat.

In summary; whether you attend a gym or exercise from home it’s easier than you think to be able get yourself into great shape and stay that way. Just focus, set your targets and stick to them.

Natural, speedy, and permanent weight loss isn’t and has never been about overly complicated dieting systems and /or poisonous diet pills – it’s all about simplicity, a bit of will-power and some genuine tried and tested weight loss knowledge.

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Fat Loss Permanently – Guide To Lose Fat Permanently Review

You are one step closer to uncovering the secrets behind the real facts on how to lose weight permanently. If you are quite struggling to lose those love handles or perhaps been eager to earn yourself the six pack abs you have been working on for years, Fat Loss Permanently has all the answers you need. It is a guide to lose fat permanently that will shape your body into somewhat a dream come true.

No need for costly pills or supplements that just do not give you any noteworthy results. Fat Loss Permanently will show you how to turn your dream body into reality without the need to purchase any of those cumbersome fitness equipments that can only add to clutter at home. Despite the reasons you have in mind for losing weight, this guide is among the best ones to consider.

No longer do you need to worry about the scales each morning simply because what you will be having within your grasp are secrets to losing the fat permanently. Earn the confidence to wear just about anything you like. Or perhaps, need not wear anything besides a bikini or a tight fitting shirt to flaunt your body around the beach that you just could not simply do before because of the excess fat that seemed to make a living out of your bad habits and not so healthy lifestyle.

Subjecting yourself to fad diets that you can lay your hands on is just about the worse things you can do should you want to combat the fat. It is in fact one of the reasons why many people are still struggling these days to get all their fat dilemmas at bay.

In this guide, you will discover the reasons why you are overweight, may it be because of your diet or any medical reasons you might have. And that is just one of the many things you can learn for Fat Loss Permanently. There are lots more to take advantage of and only you can do so by visiting its website now. Learn how to get rid of the fat permanently starting today.

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This author writes about Workouts To Lose Belly Fats and Workouts To Lose Belly Fat.


How to Lose 15 Pounds Fast

So you want to lose 15 pounds fast? Well with a few simple steps you can be 15 lbs slimmer in no time. Most people sabotage their diet before it begins. Here are some weight loss tricks to easily lose 15 pounds.

Are You Getting Enough Water?
Drink more water! I know this sounds too simple, and you’ve probably heard this constantly. But water does more than you think. Fist of it keep your liver burning fat at full capacity during the day, and it fills you up. Did you know that most of the time we feel like eating we are actually dehydrated?

A trained male runner may have up to 71 percent water in his body, while a female gymnast may have 70 percent. Obese individuals, on the other hand, have a lower percentage of water in their bodies (about 48%). One of the most important and ignored steps to lose 15 pounds is to drink more water. Eight to twelve glasses a day is a great rule of thumb.

Try This Simple Trick

Eat a fruit before each meal. A study at Penn State University showed that eating an apple before each meal made people lose 2-8 pounds each week. Imagine that, something as simple as eating an apple before each meal can produce those results! See losing 15 pounds doesn’t have to be complicated. It’s usually the simple stuff that works best.

Are You In Love?

Another overlooked tip is that you need to love your diet. If you don’t love your diet who won’t succeed. I cringe every time I see someone do a “soup diet” or something equally miserable. If you’re not enjoying yourself, you’re dieting days are numbered. Something to think about if you’re trying to lose 15 lbs.

By following these steps you’ll be way ahead of your average dieter, and I guarantee you’ll start seeing results.

Need More Help Losing Weight?

Remember the sooner you start taking action, the sooner you’ll start seeing results. There only one question you need to ask yourself. Are you ready to start taking control of your body and your life?

If so, these tips are a great start to learn how to lose 15 pounds and keep it off. Slow and easy always wins the race and this couldn’t be more true when it comes to weight loss. Fad diets only leave you worse than when you started. Always think about what you can be doing now to lose weight and not on the actual weight itself. This will help keep you motivated so you finally get the body you deserve!

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Megan is an author, story teller and all around advocate for good health. See more about your own weight loss here: How to Lose Kilos.


Is it possible to lose 10 lbs a week

Is it possible to lose 10 lbs a week

Weight loss programs like this one, or like the ‘ how to lose weight in 2 weeks ‘, are only suitable for a very limited amount of days and no more than a couple of weeks. For results that last for a long time you need to adopt healthy weight loss guides and practices; this is by far the best way to lose weight. Weight loss does require taking in fewer calories and increasing caloric expenditure.

However, reducing calories too much can significantly decrease metabolic rate, which is the exact opposite of what you want. Weight loss occurs on its own, simply when you start making better food choices. Avoid processed foods, sugar-laden foods, white bread and pasta, foods with a high percentage of calories from fat, and alcoholic drinks.

Calorie controlled diets, on the other hand, offer real solutions for losing weight and although they take more patience, dieters are more likely to keep the weight off. Calorie shifting will also aid you in your weight loss goals. This method is specially designed to burn fat fast.

Carbohydrates turn into sugar inside our body’s and makes you hold onto body weight and fat. Omitting carbs from your diet can help you drastically drop the unwanted pounds. Carbohydrate content should be less than 1 gram per 3 sausages for maximum weight loss. Carbohydrates are the main type of food that you would have to really cut down on, especially potatoes and rice. This does not mean that you should not have any carbohydrates whatsoever; you should just have as little as possible-but you should have something.

Fast food is delicious, cheap and so readily available that you are tempted a hundred times each day to buy some. Fight the temptation and instead of a hamburger, hotdog or pizza eat a salad, a fruit or just a carrot. Fast walking or light jogging is fine, as long as you break a sweat and get your heart pumping a bit. You just want to get your metabolism kicked into gear and give yourself a healthy energy boost.

Eat meals the size of your fist but have 5 meals a day. Breakfast, elevenses, lunch, snack, dinner. Eat five or six smaller meals throughout the day. According to Mackie Shilstone in the “Fat Burning Bible,” meals should be structured based on a ratio of 30 percent protein, 30 percent fat and 40 percent carbohydrates. Eating smaller portions can really help you in your search on how to lose 10 pounds in 2 weeks.

Eating first thing in the morning will shake your body awake, and out of overnight fasting (hence the word break-fast ). Now that your metabolism is awake, it is ready to burn those calories.

Eat healthy meals, drink water, work out or walk daily. It is that simple. Eat 1 meal a day. A good well balanced meal. Eat mostly fruits and vegi’s and limit yourself to one piece of toast in the morning or one scoop of rice at supper (along with meat and vegi’s) Dont go overboard on the starches. Don’t have to much hard liquor and get lots of sleep.

Eating grapefruit as part of your breakfast diet is another essential way to burn away tissue. Grapefruit juice is a very good source for losing weight. Eat more in breakfast then lesser at dinner. For breakfast, the dieter needs the energy more as it is the start of the day and at the same time, this is used to wake the metabolism up.

Diet being 80% of the weight loss equation. Don’t fall for the fancy label or marketing ad, if there was a dieting ingredient that would help you lose 10 lbs in a week, it would sell for thousands of dollars and be all over the media.

Dietary supplements don’t need to pass any sort of regulatory testing so the manufacturers can lie and say the pill will help you lose 10 lbs a week even though it has never been tested to do so in humans. Worse, most claims are based solely on theory rather than clinical results. Dieting is not a course with a graduation folks, it’s a lifestyle change, or perhaps that should read as a lifestyle challenge!

Diet gurus and companies will promise you six pack abs in six weeks but they are mostly an ineffective and expensive way to go about losing belly fat. A combination of nutrition and exercise will help you lose belly fat and achieve a healthy a.

Drink plenty of water. One last tip if you feel just slightly hungry, try having a drink. Drink lots of liquid. Drinking lots of liquid can actually be beneficial in two ways.

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The End of the World

People have had thoughts about the end of the world for as long as they have been able to think. They have been most prolific on this subject during extreme oppression and persecution. In one form or another, there has always been the hope that an end would come to everything, vindicating the faithful.

Things are a little different nowadays. They are not quite as turbulent, at least for us. But we now know more about the cosmos and thus find ourselves contemplating the possibility of being hit by a meteor. Clearly one very large one could end life as we know it. Luckily this is not very likely and therefore not much talked about. If it were, people would find it difficult o keep going each day.

Sometimes a vaguely similar thought pattern emerges in the realm of fitness. That is, people come to fear that what they rely on for their fitness lifestyles may somehow become non-existent. This is especially so given the state of the economy, which impacts the places we work out, the vitamins we take, and even the foods that make up our diets.

With all of the layoffs and tight money this becomes especially frightening. Who can be sure that the clubs we go to every morning will still be open next month/ Or, for that matter, what about the vitamin companies we rely on? Will they be in existence next month? Will they become bankrupt thereby making it impossible for us to get the supplements we need for maximum development and energy reserves?

Then too, the economy may not be the major culprit. Perhaps it will be the government. It seems there is always a handful of legislators who want to shut down the supplement industry. Possibly one day they will succeed in their dismal, unhealthy efforts. If so, they will be thinking that they are saving their constituents from the alleged downside of mega-dosing, ie. getting too much of a good thing. How absurd this is in comparison to the tens of thousands who become crippled due to drugs from the major pharmaceutical manufacturers or mistakes on the part of local pharmacists. Nevertheless, how possible it is that these lawmakers could one day win.

As if that is not enough, there are the chemists of the food industry itself. Will they deem that what what we are currently eating is still safe safe and optimally nutritious? This may sound like a facetious query unless you have lived through earlier years when milk went from number one source of nourishment to being very questionable for a considerable number of people. Lactose intolerance is now an acceptable term. It was not so forty years ago.The same may be coming for wheat. Many of us rely on breads, pasta, flour products. Where would be if one day it were seen as a likely agent for a number of the too common maladies in our country? Clearly, some nutritionists today believe that it is the primary cause of belly fat. What if it were worse than this? Could we really make it without our sandwiches, pizzas, pancakes and the like?

Psychologists often call this type of thought catastrophic thinking and attempt to cure people of it. They often do so with tongue in cheek, using the label of “phobia.”Nevertheless.any of the above mentioned things can happen. Therefore, we need to have a plan B so that we are never even temporarily stopped from doing what we must to get more fit by the day. That means knowing about other vitamin companies, knowing about other health clubs, and being prepared to switch main sources of foods in our diets.

Some call this “being flexible.” The Boy Scouts called it “being prepared.” Whichever may be preferred, that is how we must be mentally long before we need to act on it. That is the only way for us to maintain the feelings necessary for optimal fitness development. In other words, living with anxiety or dread is simply unacceptable.

Leaving any of the catastrophic feelings in the back of our minds, trying to convince ourselves that nothing bad will ever happen, takes psychological energy away from the ability to remain constant and effective when it comes to supplementation, diet and exercise. That type of fear–dormant worry– inevitably leads to quitting. When that happens, there is only the return to the “tried and (allegedly) true” ways of sedentary living with its grocery store food, Big Macs and beer. All of these, it is sadly trusted, will be around forever.

In the interests of healthy, infinitely more fit, country, let us hope they all soon go the way of Bernie Madoff. You can help bring this about by just continuing to say “No” to all of them.

For further thought on replacing a normal lifestyle with a fitness one order my book “Think and Grow Fit.”

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Obese 48 years ago; state champion power lifter 1978; in better shape today at 62 than when on swim team in high school (subscribe for weekly fitness updates)

Author of “Think and Grow Fit” the no hype guide to getting fit and staying that way forever (6.00 ebook or 15.95 softcover from publisher I_Universe, Amazon or Barnes and Noble)

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Learn The Most Powerful, Best, And Simple Ways To Master Losing Weight In A Week

There are certain things you must know before you can master losing weight. One of the first things to learn is the art of self-mastery. Many people do not have self control and power over their own wills, but this is very important if you desire to shed those extra pounds.

Losing weight is not as hard as you may think, in fact its very simple that anyone could do it. To gain self-mastery in the area of losing weight you must determine in your mind that you eat to live, and you do not live to eat. This is so important because it will put you into the right mindset which is the foundation of all success.

Another important and main part of mastering weight loss is to exercise. The majority of people do not like to exercise, but the reality is that if your going to lose to lose weigh fast and look good you must get on an exercise plan. I have found out very interesting truths as I study about health and I will share a few with you.

There are three very effective ways on how to lose weight very quick. I cant promise that you will lose weight in a week, but I can assure you that you will see great results in just 10 days if you follow these 3 simple and easy tips, here they are:

1. Walk after ever meal you eat.
You should only eat at the most 3 meals a day and should not eat anything in-between. After you eat you should walk at least 30 minutes and breath in full and deep inspirations of fresh air, this will help in digesting your food which will aid your body in losing those extra pounds.

2. Stop or cut down on a meat based diet.
Most people would think I’m crazy to suggest a vegetarian diet, but this is the best diet known to man.

If you can’t give up meat completely just cut down on it drastically. As you eat a plant base diet you will be avoiding all the fatty grease and hormones that are in the meat we eat.

3. Drink plenty of water.
Stop drinking juice and drink plenty of water. All that juice turns into sugar which causes you to keep or gain unwanted weight. It has been proven that if you drink lots of water your metabolism will speed up thus causing rapid weight loss.

These are easy and simple ways to lose weight in 10 days, a little over a week. You must combine these three secrets and you will see results.

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Arthur Keller is an online product reviewer. Learn more about how you can Lose weight fast, easy, and healthy and how to get into the best shape of you life by visiting


Astonishing Fat Loss for Women – Learn the Secret

There are individuals who consider the idea of weight loss similar to a sports game. After all, playing your favorite sports can become a typical routine, especially for women who are seeking for the best means to reduce excess weight. Several methods today are offering different features to aid people find the best weight loss scheme. Some may actually provide the exact solution, while others may not.

The Stubborn Fat Solution is yet another label for mixing different important means for acquiring a favorable and positive fat loss for women with the objective of eliminating extra pounds. 

The first objective of this particular method is your dieting program. Many dieting programs revolve just around low calorie dieting. Prior to when you head out and purchase a low calorie-dieting program, it is important to consider the important things before making any decisions.

Take a glimpse around at all of the obese individuals you notice daily. Did you know that basically each of them is having a low calorie dieting of one kind or another? In addition, if these folks aren’t on a specific dieting plan, perhaps they were on a particular at some point in their lives before. Well, you can actually ask some of them if you want just to prove it.

Do the outcomes speak for these people? Is one of these obese individuals may still be hefty following of months after months of dieting? Concisely, the idea of low calorie never works well at all, particularly for some women and you can look around. Thus, the important thing to do is to change a dieting plan and not just low calorie dieting.

Another advantage of having an effective solution regarding fat loss for women is it serves as an appetite suppressant. People should admit that they gain some pounds because of overeating of course. Would you believe that the amount they consume is way out of the limit? In order to aid the body regain back the precise consumption of foods normally, it should have an exact restriction that must be adopted. This idea will aid in analyzing the right amount of foodstuffs that are thought to be typical yet actually huge.

However, people cannot cheat themselves. Splitting their diet will need an instant back-up ready on hand. Nothing is worse than enjoying a brilliant day ahead of sensible eating damaged through lose one’s cool against the boss, wife, husband, boyfriend, girlfriend or even children because of what they said.

Do these things happen to you? Well, the only thing that will aid you feel relieve is a huge chocolate candy or a bag of chips. Some women of course settle for this. The good thing is that they are not afraid to eat because they have the right fat loss for women solution available!

About the Author

Mr. Rylee Tinao Babasa graduated from the Bezalel Academy of Art in Jerusalem, Israel and received a degree in Human Sciences from the Hebrew University.Introducing The Stubborn Fat Solution…a program that enables you to understand why your problem hasn’t been resolved. It’s a program that is based on deep understanding how your body operates.


The Ins And Outs Of Losing Weight

Whereas there would possibly definitely be a number of features that have to be stored in thoughts in relation to having the ability to get into shape. For numerous totally different individuals this could show to be a slightly lengthy and tough road. Nevertheless, losing weight doesn’t should be this problematic if you’re prepared to think about a few of the objects that shall be introduced up via this specific article.

It is possible for you to to understand that losing weight and stepping into form might be one thing that takes loads of time and power to accomplish. By way of the course of the upcoming paragraphs, you’re going to get a have a look at a few of the most prevalent approaches to lose the pounds you might be toting round right now and likewise some product purchases that may assist you to alongside the process.

One of many very first issues that you will have to study and recognize shall be that getting the weight off might be a course of that isn’t going to occur overnight. Not matter what number of pounds you want to lose, even just a few, it’s nonetheless going to take a little bit of time to perform and maintain. Understanding this reality alone will enable you a little bit of willpower to stay with it.

As a result of you aren’t going to see outcomes instantly, a minimum of many individuals will not. It would even get to the purpose the place it appears as if you aren’t making even a dent in what you hoped to perform, and that may be a really massive disappointment. Nonetheless, if you’re prepared to maintain pushing via this time, you will discover the outcomes you thought weren’t going to happen.

You need to significantly strategy this course of in two distinct ways. The primary of which is figuring out the way you used to eat and making a acutely aware resolution to appropriate that within the future. You see, there are every kind of consuming taboos and unhealthy habits, and breaking these habits could be one of many hardest features of entering into shape. You have to avoid fad diets, and actually concentrate on simply consuming more healthy meals and exercising portion control.

Not that you simply needed to listen to this, however train is sort of one other essential time period to this complete process. You see, you’ll not obtain leads to the size of time you had been hoping for with out onerous work on this entrance as well. You need to work on power and cardio to assist burn fat and calories. Additionally, you will use these similar workouts to assist your physique tighten and tone because the pounds soften away.

You would possibly discover that using some supplemental help could make it somewhat bit simpler for you. One good place to begin right here could be with Phen375. They’re getting lots of optimistic critiques proper now and it’s a method to assist your body maximize on the work you’re placing into weight loss.

If you’re contemplating the varied ins and outs of losing weight, hopefully you could have a good suggestion about this now. Whereas there could be numerous different issues to try to contemplate, this can be a good begin to the method to say the least.

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Getting in shape for summer begins right now!

Getting in shape for summer should start now because by the time July comes around you’ll want to be fitting nicely into your summer clothes, especially your swim suit (get going for a beach body). When you feel confident you express confidence, because you feel great and look great and isn’t that the way you want to live your life, especially during the summer months when you wear less clothing. So, if you are overweight, and you want to lose weight fast this article will share some strategies to help you.

Let me share some tips for losing weight.

1. Visualize your ideal weight: Start now and see yourself at the weight you want to be! What I’m asking you to do is some creative visualization. If you find this challenging take a look through a magazine and find a body type similar to what you desire or find a picture of yourself at a weight that you felt good at and look at it often. It is the first step to success.

2. Keep a journal: Next what you want to do is write down your goal if it is to lose 10 pounds, 20 pounds or whatever. Be realistic and remember it is already April and you don’t want to set yourself up for failure. Write a journal to keep track of your success and challenges during this time.

3. Exercise: It’s okay if you haven’t been that active during the winter months. Don’t go getting depressed before you begin. Start today to walk for 15 minutes and then increase daily. Doing a little something is better than doing nothing!

4. Buy a DVD: Buy an exercise DVD and start off by doing 5 minutes one day and then 10 minutes the next day and so on. You may want to start doing Yoga. So, buy a DVD to see if it feels right for you and then go join a class.

5. Diet – Meal Plan: Diet and I don’t mean dieting. It is a good practice to eat up to 6 small meals or snacks during the day and remember not to skip a meal or you will slow your metabolism down. Avoid white anything like sugar or rice or flour it is processed and has no nutritional value and as well, you will want to leave out the fast foods and processed foods.

6. Drink WATER: Drink plenty of WATER! Lots of water will not only make your skin look great, it helps curb your appetite. Remember this tip when you are feeling hungry. True hunger comes on gradually. If you’re not sure if you are really hungry, have a big glass of water.

7. Follow the 80/20 rule: Do not get angry with yourself if you slip up and find yourself having that slice of cake at your neighbor’s party. If you eat by the 80/20 rule which says: If you eat healthy wholesome foods 80% of the time, 20% of the time, you can enjoy those special treats that you really enjoy so you won’t feel deprived.

This may sound like a lot to do but you’re worth it and trust me, you’ll be loving the way you look and feel in your summer clothes.
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