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Use Ab Coaster As Your Physical exercise Machine

As typically heard the expression “six pack abs” on quite a few occasions. It could have been shortened to only “six pack.” On the other hand, the meaning is still the similar. This expression refers to getting a lean, flat, muscular belly, and equally men and girls appear to want it. The genuine question to answer is whether or not this is even doable for all of us.

In addition to the ab exercises you are already doing, you will need to pay out careful focus to your diet when hoping to accomplish six pack abs. In buy to create these six pack abs, you will require to be consuming a diet regime that has less calories than you need to retain your pounds due to the fact this will let you to develop a deficit and melt away off saved body fat. These two must appear collectively to get a great outcome. It is greatest to get a new type of machine exerciser.

The Ab Coaster is a special abdominal exerciser that is developed to attain this task. The work out equipment produces the outcomes of hanging leg raises even though eliminating the problems the exercise presents. Individuals that have efficiently done hanging leg raises can testify how the exercise actually focuses on the abdominal muscle tissues. These that have only been able to try hanging leg raises can validate how a lot upper entire body strength is expected to accomplish the motion. And this is the actual problem with hanging leg raises, not every person is going to have ample upper physique strength to be able to efficiently execute the physical exercise.

Most of the user of this machine believes that this can give a good outcome in just a quick interval of time. The motive is that although the Ab Coaster is a excellent fitness machine, it can take a great deal much more than just working your abs to get a six pack. To definitely burn up off sufficient belly fat to get a 6 pack you will need to be fully fit. This usually requires more than just abdominal physical exercises, regardless of how you do them or which equipment you use. You want to operate out your overall system to actually melt away off plenty of excess fat.

The Ab Coaster has exceptional reviews by quite a few people who’ve utilized it. In spite of being an costly piece of tools at about $400 for the household edition, it would seem that the overall feedback for this machine is good.

The Ab coaster generally functions off of an arc of metal. The knee and arm pads are incredibly comfortable and support you get out each and every single repetition probable. Many think about this a massive plus, since it prevents you from finishing your workout early due to discomfort. They identified no strain on the neck, back again, or arms in any way. Nevertheless, when making use of this machine it is very important to make confident you lift by yourself up with your legs and not your arms to genuinely benefit from this exercising.

Because the Ab Coaster functions the belly on your own, it is only a partial resolution to your stomach body fat problems. Yes, it can aid you strengthen the abdominals but it can’t assist you get a sexy flat tummy.

As a conclusion, i advise you to get one. I guarantee you will not expense a great deal and also your wish to have a six packs will appear accurate.

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Lose weight fast lose weight slowly

Far too many products, fads, workout regiments, diets, and promises made in the name of “lose weight fast” or “lose weight fast”? Well, yes, maybe you can fast, but you will do more harm than good to your body, plus you’ll be able to keep it off? What if you quickly, so the weight you do not know what to do once you hit your target to lose weight? Continue to do it? Put your plan, and hope you keep it off through a more disciplined lifestyle? The way to lose weight for the part of your life, not just a quick fix.

If you constantly do something, it takes more discipline.? But it also means that would be more alert in making it through.? Running will is both.? Although an enormous amount of weight you lose from running, it is not a night to fix – by any means.? You have to start slowly and work your way.? You can not stop eating, when all the essential nutrients needed to power you through your runs.? If you really have to walk, never, never give up and will either continue to lose weight, or will permanently keep weight off.? I know more runners who have a hard time gaining weight than losing weight.? Running can be that powerful of a weight loss program.

The unfortunate part about losing weight, many people are very good.? But too many people to reach their weight and wonder “what now”? Well, if you’re constantly doing something, you never really complete.? Running will not magically lose a facilitation of losing 10, 25 or 50 pounds overnight – but the person will probably lose weight constantly from the money they reach their goal weight.? If you participate in something, you are less likely to give: It is human nature.

See also: If you lose weight too fast, you do not even do so, because you end up gaining it all back.? So, what’s the point? If you are committed, it loses the long term rather than doing something half-baked.

With a smooth regiment, you can lose a steady amount of weight – to prove that you are able, and you’ll keep it off.? You will not put it back on for as long as you walk.? And I’m willing to bet that you will not run once you start.

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Getting Six Pack abs – What you need to Know!

With the rise of overweight people in the united states it is not surprising to find people looking for a solution. I for one was overweight, although not yet skinny. I have lost about 60 pounds and gained some muscle. I am starting to look alot better and feel more confident about myself. This was not easy, but i pushed through it. All in all you will not achieve any weight loss with out a change in diet and exercise. I am not going to lie it is hard work and sometimes challenging.

There are many ways out there to achieve the results you want. It is really hard to pick one and follow through with it. Now I have tried only two ways. The first way was this crash diet. Boy did I learn my lesson! The other way was this program I found online. It is the truth about abs program. I personally found it to be a little sketchy. But I looked up reviews on it and saw some good things so I tried it. Best thing I ever did for myself!

Here are some tips I want to give you that I learned from this program:

Eat More and Drink More Water

• Yes you read well. You need to eat portioned meals through out your day. Breakfast, snack, lunch, snack, dinner. This will boost your metabolism. You should also select one day out of the week to over eat. The over eating day keeps your body from starvation mode so it does not store fat.

Ab Exercises to Focus on

• Ab bicycles
• Ab scissors
• Ab wheel (ab wheel needed)
• Front Squats (works abs and core)

This is not a fast solution. To loss the 60 pounds I loss took me a little faster then most people because I am young. If your older it may take a little more time, but do not worry take your time do not rush. Rushing will only lead to frustration. Like the crash diet I was on.

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How to lose inner thigh fat in no time

The inner thigh is one of the body arts that is very challenging to tone. Most people experience an extra fat on their inner thighs and despite standing on legs apart, still the thighs touches. You will surely want to know how to lose inner thigh fat and tone it appropriately. It is a fact that you will not be able to replace fat with muscle.

Your body is composed of fat cells and at the same time muscle fibers. The best thing that you can do to get rid of those inner thigh fats is to somehow influence its size. You can reduce your total body fat including those in your inner thighs. Reducing your body fat will also relatively decrease your fat cells.

There are several ways on how to get rid of inner thigh fat in correlation with your inner thigh fats.

1. No diet – There are many diet activities that are being introduced around the world. You should not be pressured to follow these activities in order for you to achieve your goal of reducing your inner thigh fats. It is not also advisable to skip meals because there are many health complications when you do such thing. One of the ways on how to lose inner thigh fat is to reduce your daily calorie intake.

And to approximately estimate your desired daily calorie intake is to multiply your current weight by eleven. The result will be the approximate number of calories you only need to eat in order for you to maintain your present weight. Monitoring your weight is very important on how to lose inner thigh fat .By simply reducing your calorie intake of about a couple of hundred per day, then you will surely create a wide gap between your calorie intake and your calorie usage.

2. Reduce fat – You should always remember that a gram of fat is approximately equivalent to nine calories compared to four calories of a gram of carbohydrate or protein. It is strongly recommended that you should not exceed at least 30% of your daily required calories from fatty foods. By just limiting calories intake to at least 20% or lessen your calorie intake coming from fat, are surely the right ways on to get rid of inner thigh fat.

3. Burn excess calories help a lot on get rid of inner fat in the thigh. In order for you to achieve fast and effective results of reducing your body fat, then it is best for you to get involve in physical activities. And one of the common activities for body toning, reducing body fats and burning excess calories is exercising. You may start by simply walking for about 30 to 60 minutes per session. Do this at least three to five times a week.

The number of burned calories depends on the amount of time or duration of your exercise. The frequency and repetition will also contribute to calorie burning. You do not need to worry on how to lose inner thigh fat and where to get energy despite losing some calories. You already have a stored energy in your existing body fats.

4. Weight lifting is one way of how to lose inner thigh fat – Weight lifting is not as effective as the active exercise but the more muscle will increase your metabolism. You will be able to burn more calories while at rest because of your improved metabolism. This will help you on how to lose fat in the thigh by gaining additional strength when you perform weight lifting. Follow these simple steps on how to lose inner thigh fat religiously, to attain a well-shaped body.

For more information on how you to get rid of inner fat in the thigh, Check out Lose Thigh Fat Program!

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5 Tips to lose instant weight

Weight Loss

Weight loss is not only about losing pounds but it is also about burning fat. Actually burning fat is sometimes more important than losing weight because fat is a major cause for many other health problems (diabetes, high cholesterol etc). When you manage to burn fat you will certainly look and feel much better since fat burning is not an easy process and the satisfaction you will gain is great. Below you can read the most important tips onhow to lose belly fat in a fast and yet healthy manner.

1. Small meals Vs 3 main meals

Whenever you want to lose calories or fat fast it is recommended to eat 5-6 small meals throughout the day instead of the classic 3 main meals. This is because by eating small meals every couple of hours you force your body spend more energy to digest the food and thus losing calories. As a result your metabolism is also increased and the whole process becomes easier. In addition frequent meals stabilize the insulin levels which in turn enable faster muscle growth.

2. Regular exercise

When it comes to losing belly fat you should understand that exercise plays a prominent role. It is not exactly the same case as with weight loss. When you want to lose weight you can achieve good results through your diet alone but when it comes to losing belly fat a balanced diet can mainly help you stop the fat problem from becoming worse (see also how to burn fat with food). The only solid way to actually start losing belly fat (and fat in general) is through exercise. Regular exercise sessions (30 minutes) at least 5 times per week can actually produce good results. If you want not to get bored easily find a form of exercise that you like and enjoy doing. There is no reason to perform difficult exercises that will eventually make you de-motivated. It is better to start slow and gradually than fast and quit.

3. Learn how to drink water

The importance of water in losing weight is very well known. What many people do not understand is how to utilize water to lose weight and fat. When we say drink at least 6-8 glasses of water per day we do not mean to drink this amount at once or in a very short amount of time. If you do that the only thing you will achieve is to make regular visits to the toilet. Instead you should try and spread this throughout the day. You can start with one glass of water in the morning, as soon as you wake up. Then one glass after 2-3 hours, one more glass with your launch and the rest 4 glasses before, during and after your dinner. By following this pattern you will keep your stomach busy all the time and hunger away. If you want you can even create reminders in your mobile to alert you when its time for your glass of water.

4. Soft drinks, juices, caffeine is not water

One more point to note about water is the following. Many people believe that by drinking fresh juices, soft drinks and coffee, they drink water. This is far from truth. Some of the drinks described above, like coffee, create the opposite effects than water. In particular caffeine products are diuretic and they help the excretion of water from the body. Too much consumption of these drinks can cause dehydration.

5. Sleep, rest and confidence

Trying to lose belly fat can sometimes make you tired, both mentally and physically. You have to overcome a lot of obstacles and deny a lot of temptations to get the results you want in the time frame you want. For this reason you need to work on 3 areas that may not be directly related to weight loss but they can indirectly help you to meet your goals. These have to do with rest, sleep and confidence. It is important that you rest enough hours per day, sleep at least 8 hours and never give up your optimism. There is no need to say more about this other that you have to consider these factors are part of your weight loss efforts.

Hopefully the weight loss tips presented above will help you lose belly fat in a quick and healthy way.

Tried all this and not being able to lose weight?

Well then you need to opt for Weight Loss Surgery.

This surgery is recommended for people with a BMI of 40 kg/m2 or greater who instituted but failed an adequate exercise session for at least few months and strict diet program.
• Patients who have failed six or more months of organized attempts at weight management. This should be determined with the assistance of a doctor.
• Have attained or nearly attained physiologic or skeletal maturity. This generally occurs at age 13 or older for girls and at age 15 or older for boys.
• Be severely obese, with a body mass index (BMI) of greater than 40, with serious obesity-related and health problems.
• Other health problems because of the increasing weight.

Types of Weight Loss Surgery:-
• Bioenteric Intragastric Balloon (BIB)
• Laparascopic Adjustable Gastric Banding (LAGB)
• Laparascopic Sleeve Gastrectomy (LSG)
• Laparoscopic Roux en Y Gastric Bypass (LGB)

If Obesity has been troubling you over a long period of time and you are looking into Weight Loss Surgery, then you should discuss your situation and available options with your Obesity Surgeon. While you may want to get input from friends, family members and other patients as well, the final decision is ultimately yours.

Even after the surgery, it is very important to keep a track of healthy diet and exercise on regular basis.

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HCG Drops: Are They Better Than HCG Injections?

Since there are two main methods for using HCG products when on the HCG diet, the dieter may question which of the two methods are better. A common question is whether HCG drops are better than injections and if so, why are they better. Let’s examine drops verses shots to determine which method is ideal for a dieter looking to take advantage of the HCG diet plan and its benefits.

First, it’s pretty obvious that anyone that hates needles is going to prefer HCG drops over HCG shots. HCG shots can prove a bit painful and they are more difficult to prepare in many instances. Drops, on the other hand, can be consumed orally, and it is a pain free, hassle free approach to consuming the hormone.

Cost factors also suggest that HCG drops for weight loss are better than shots. Shots will cost the dieter far more money because the dieter has to buy the injection mix, mixing bowls, storage containers, alcohol pads for sterilization, the hypodermic needles for injections, and myriad other materials in order to mix and use the product. HCG drops are already mixed in the bottle, do not require refrigeration, and do not require additional materials for their daily use.

HCG drops are easier to order than injections too. Often times one requires a prescription in order to get HCG shots and the mix needed to make them. This is not the case with the drops that can be ordered online by reputable companies. Since drops are easier to obtain, the dieter doesn’t have to order a lot of the product in advance, and he or she doesn’t have to panic when they are running low because they can order more and have it delivered quickly.

Clearly, HCG Drops are more advantageous than shots. Bear in mind however that the drops and the shots are equally powerful. Both methods of using HCG work as long as the use of the product is coupled with a low calorie diet, moderate exercise, and adherence to the HCG diet protocol at all times. Choosing drops over shots is basically a matter of convenience and preference.

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It’s About More Than Just Weight Loss

As someone who has struggled with my weight pretty much all my life, my goal in weight control has always been “lose weight and look better”. Those are admirable goals, but now, I’m 47 years old and the realities of poor health management are hitting closer to home all of the time.
As young people, we do want to look good and feel good. We want to attract that perfect mate and our physical appearance is very important to us. We’re still in that stage of life in which we really don’t think any of those tragic things in life, such as stroke, heart attack, car accident, etc. could actually happen to us. In today’s society, we emphasize our physical looks and we are taught to place a high value on them. Even as people are getting into their 30’s and 40’s, they are still worried about how they look. I’m not saying that there is anything wrong with that. It’s good to care about yourself that way. What I’m saying is that maybe, we all need to become a little more aware that keeping our bodies in shape is important for other reasons – reasons that are even more important that we think.
Obesity brings with it several other consequences. I do believe that a person should love themselves no matter what they look like. The problem is that when we allow ourselves to carry those extra pounds, we are putting ourselves into a higher risk situation. That situation has nothing to do with how we look – it can literally kill us. My focus today is to remind ourselves that remaining overweight is putting ourselves in a perilous situation.
One of the problems that I see more and more these days and as a nurse, I see it in a much younger crowd is diabetes. Within the past two weeks, I have seen at least two patients that have been in their early twenties and have just been diagnosed with type II diabetes. I see more young ladies that have a weight problem than ladies who don’t.
When I talk to patients about diabetes, it seems that many of them know that they need to control their blood sugar, but many of them don’t understand what the effects of uncontrolled blood sugars are. They worry about having too low of a blood sugar. Of course, that is a problem and if that bottoms out, it can lead to serious consequences, including death. What I’m talking about, though, is having one’s blood sugar run too high. It can run moderately high and it’s likely that you may or may not see any of the symptoms. The problem with this is that without you realizing it, the result of this is a long term destruction of your organs and blood vessels.
I am amazed at people’s lack of understanding of this serious problem. It’s probably not their fault – they may not have been taught about these things. You see, for a long time, when people were diagnosed with diabetes, unless they required insulin, they were not given the education to go along with their illness. If they weren’t a person who were proactive and studied about their new diagnosis on their own time, they didn’t get the information. Maybe, they were just handed a pamphlet which they may or may not have read. Thankfully, clinics are implementing more aggressive education methods for these patients. My husband was just diagnosed and he meets regularly with the dietician and the nurse specialist to receive the education he needs. It’s great to see this.

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The Myth Regarding With Starving Your Body To Lose Weight

There will be some intuitive belief that in order to lose weight, you need to eat less. It is true that you can shed some weight simply as a result of eating less calories. That method sounds like it ought to work, and it can, but it requires more lifestyle changes than people realize. Drastically minimizing daily calories means people have to switch their thinking and eating habits which is impossible for most. You will discover other ways to tackle this that can make the task less difficult. The basic strategy is to do a reduced amount over time and slowly but surely make the desired shift.

The well-known simple truth is calories consumed and not needed are converted to fat. While a distinction, there is such a condition whereby an individual must eat considerably more than usual just to maintain a low body weight. You should not exclude too many calories as your body needs energy frequently. So long as you keep up with starving yourself of calories, then that will definitely catch up to you and produce other problems. Just start reducing your calories by reducing empty calories such as high fatty foods. It is much easier to cut back, initially, than try to completely eliminate them.

Obviously you should make a parallel effort to start eating healthier foods on a daily basis. Do not try to rebuild yourself right away because that is setting yourself up for failure. You can actually immediately see that this is much gentler on your emotional health. An increasingly gradual approach will give you time to make internal adjustments which you will find to be simpler. As soon as you feel comfortable with that degree of change, then you can make another adjustment in your daily diet. Ultimately it is a wonderful idea to begin doing some physical activity to help your efforts.

Be sure to examine precisely what you are eating every day in terms of how good it is for you. You do need to avoid consuming high levels of of white sugar in foods and drinks. Then, one needs fat in your diet, but it is the kind of fat that makes a impact. The unhealthy fats are highly saturated fats, and merely consider fast foods as well as highly refined foods. If you notice that you are eating these fattening foods too much, then slowly begin minimizing them. Embark on a serious attempt to create some kind of healthy change, and every time you do that you will feel more self-assured.

The longer you can keep these adjustments going, you will find yourself building new eating habits. This may of course take time, but that is the trade-off any time you make smaller transformations. This slower approach is appropriate for people who have a chronically difficult experience with eliminating all unhealthy foods at the same time. But you cannot allow yourself to stagnate because it is crucial that you keep going about it. However, once the results start to happen, then that will have a magical effect on your motivation to change. There isn’t anything more motivating than success in any endeavor.

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Lose Weight and Feel Slimmer

Lose weight and feel slimmer,get back into those skinny jeans, slide back into that little black number.
Your weight loss can begin at anytime, the only thing you have to do is make that decision.
Now for some people that decision can be a tough one. That decision to diet, to keep active, to eat healthier foods. Now you want to be slim and to lose that weight but the though of giving up certain foods, to go for a run or a walk, can seem to hard, you know you should but at the back of your mind there’s this little voice that says don’t wanna, and wheh you picture yourself in your head you always see yourself as a big,fat,overweight lump!
Now it’s that voice and that picture that you need to take control of first,you can go to Weight watchers, Slimmers World, do the Jenny Craig diet, order in ready made meals like Diet Chef and if you’re really desperate you might try doing the Size Zero diet.
But and it’s a big but, if you’ve still got that voice at the back of your mind shouting abuse,putting you down and telling you you’ll never be slim and that mental image of yourself is still an image of a big fat overweight lump, then it’s very likely that any weight you do lose goes back on even faster than it came off.
The first thing you need to do for long term weight loss, is to take control of that voice, because, and trust me on this, your friend it is not. If you had a person that followed you round saying all those horrible things that you say to yourself, inside your head, you wouldn’t stand for it, but you allow yourself to put yourself down like that all the time.

So begin by replacing that voice with a helpful voice, a voice of friendship that encourages you and tells you how well you’re doing, give it a voice that you anmire and respect and hear it saying all the things you want to hear. Tune out that old voice, make it sound tiny, give it a stupid voice, imagine it’s way in the distance, beat it with a stick, or just plain ignore it, think sticking your fingers in your ears and going la la la, whatever works, do it.
To Lose Weight and Feel Slimmer get used to listening out for that new friendly, helpful, supportive voice and before you know it that’s the voice you’ll focus on, and WOW what a difference that makes, because now you feel in control and those foods that you couldn’t say no to before don’t seem so important, they’ve lost their power over you, because you’ve taken it back.
Now for that image that you have of yourself in your head, the big, fat image that looks awful no matter what clothes it’s wearing, well it’s time to say good riddance to that old image and imagine how you want to look, look at this new image of yourself from all angles and really take a moment to admire how good you look, and from now on that’s the image you’ll see whenever you think of yourself, an image of you that puts a big smile on your face, and makes you feel so good.
Because it’s your mind and they’re your thoughts, and if you can’t look amazing and encourage yourself in your own mind, then how can you do it anywhere else?

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Kick Your Soda Habit

If you’re very attached to your daily can (or cans) of soda, it’s time to find a new love interest. This liason is doing nothing but harm–and with a little effort and creativity, you’ll find a new, healthier refreshments.
Soda, fruit punch, sports drinks, energy drinks, and other sugary beverages are bad enough for the general population, but if you have diabetes or pre-diabetes, these drinks can make your condition worse. For starters, they load you up on calories, the kind of sneaky calories that don’t make you feel full the way the equivalent calories would from pasta, vegetable, chicken or other solid foods. So, you’re likely to overdo calories when they’re coming from soda. In fact, sweetened beverages are considered culprits in the epidemic of overweight and obesity in the U.S. In 1965, about 12 percent of total calories came from beverages, today that number has nearly doubled, to 21 percent.

That’s the last thing you need when you’re trying to combat pre-diabetes or type 2 diabetes, as both conditions are triggered by excess body fat. And then there are all the carbs–a cup of cola or fruit punch runs about 30 grams of carbs–that’s nearly a meal’s worth! These carbs are pure sugar, which can quickly send your blood sugar soaring. And, finally, they’re devoid of nutrients (even fruit ‘drinks’ often contain just 10 percent fruit juice, so the vitamin and phytonutrient content is minimal). You need the help of antioxidants and other healthy compounds to counter some of the damaging effects of diabetes and pre-diabetes; you’ll get none of that from sweetened beverages.

It doesn’t matter whether the drink is sweetened with sugar, fruit juice sweetener, high fructose corn syrup or other calorie-containing sweeteners (we’ll get to non-caloric sweeteners in a minute). They all contain about the same number of carbs and calories–nutritionally empty calories. Despite what you may have heard, high fructose corn syrup (HFCS) is no worse for you than other sweeteners. It’s 55 percent fructose and 45 percent glucose, which is nearly identical to white sugar’s 50/50 split. It seems that your body can’t tell the difference–so far, the studies show that both affect blood sugar, insulin and appetite in the same way. The reason you see so much HFCS in foods is because it’s cheaper than sugar.
If you’re in the habit of downing sweetened drinks, try stopping today and instead, drink water (such as Best Life approved Nestle Pure Life water) or any of the suggested beverages below. If you find it harder than you thought, and you’re feeling deprived, then have one calorie-free, artificially-sweetened drink a day. But eventually, you should try to wean yourself off of these, too. Diet drinks are so sweet that they make it hard to appreciate less sweet foods and drinks, perpetuating sweet cravings. Ironically, this may actually make it harder for you to stay away from sweets, and could make it more difficult to lose weight or stick to a healthy weight.

Try these calorie and carb-free alternatives to sweetened beverages:


Sparkling water (plain or calorie-free, flavored)

Unsweetened iced tea

Hot tea*


* The caffeine in these beverages may raise blood sugar; if it happens to you, switch to decaf. As for sweetening with honey or sugar, go ahead, but stick with a teaspoon, and count these 4 g of carbohydrates toward your daily treat servings; you get 15 g of carbs in your treat carbs on the 1,700-calorie plan; 15 g of treat carbs on the 2,000- and 2,250-calorie plan. You don’t get a treat on 1,500 calories per day (not enough calories to spare) so those 4 carb grams must be subtracted from your meal carbs.

In addition to the beverages listed above, you should also be drinking fat-free or one percent milk or soymilk. On our plan, you get two milk or soy milk servings on 1,500 and 1,700 calories per day; 3 servings on 2,000 calories; and 31⁄2 servings on 2,250 calories. The protein in these beverages helps blunt the rise in blood sugar.

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Bob Greene is the founder of the highly acclaimed Best Life Diet brand. Through his books, foods, fitness products and website, Greene has helped millions lose weight and live their own personal best life, using his gradual three-phase approach to eating and exercise.